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Vietnam Travel information

Vietnam - Land of the Blue Dragon

Since opening its borders to tourists in the late 1980s, Vietnam has become an incredibly popular destination. Having said that, Vietnam is still an exciting, and relatively untouched tourist destination in Southeast Asia that holds many pleasant surprises for first-time visitors.

Vietnam has well over 3,000 kilometers of coastline, most of which is lined with sandy beaches. It is an excellent location for scuba diving and is becoming increasingly popular for beach holidays. The remote hills of northern Vietnam on the Chinese border are home to more than 40 ethnically unique minority peoples. The cultures and lifestyles of these ethnic groups have often remained unchanged for centuries, and exploring this region provides a rare glimpse of undiscovered Asia.

Vietnam is a safe, secure and enjoyable holiday destination. The political and economic situation is stable, and the country has been at peace for over 25 years. The legacy of Vietnam's long history remains in evidence today. Cham towers dot the hillsides and entire towns and villages have remained almost unchanged for centuries. Vietnamese art and culture remain vibrant to this day with young Vietnamese artists recognized around world for the quality of their work.

In north-western Vietnam the mountain ranges are so high that it is not unheard of for it to snow at Christmas time. The trek up Mount Fansipan - Indochina's highest peak - is a true challenge for even the hardiest trekker. Vietnam's hotels and resorts are fast becoming recognized as some of the finest in the world, quite an achievement considering that four or five years ago there were no five-star hotels in the country at all.

Nowadays visitors can play golf on international standard golf courses, relax on superb beaches, enjoy the facilities of world-class hotels in Ho Chi Minh City and in Hanoi, and even find comfort and style in some of Vietnam's more remote destinations. Vietnamese people are some of the friendliest you are likely to encounter anywhere in Asia. The genuine smiles of the people here are an enduring memory for almost every visitor. It is not unusual for complete strangers to be invited into a private home to share a meal or a cup of tea. UNESCO has recognized the importance of four separate sites in Vietnam and has bestowed World Heritage status on Halong Bay, Hoi An, My Son and the Imperial City of Hue.

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Cambodia travel information

Cambodia- Land of Angkor

For over five hundred years, Angkor was at the core of one of humankind's greatest civilizations. The mighty “Devaraja” or God-kings ruled a vast swathes of what is now Southeast Asia from their heartland in the northern plains of Cambodia. They built immense and dazzling cities and temples decorated with intricate stone carvings to honour both their gods and themselves. At its height in the late 12th century , Angkor is believed to have been home to about one million people. One of the largest cities on earth at that time.

Like other great empires before and since, the mighty Khmer civilization eventually declined. In the 15th century, the Ayutthaya Thais sacked the city several times until eventually it was abandoned and entire population, including the Royal Court moved to current day Phnom Penh. Once abandoned, the jungle quickly reclaimed the temples and they remained lost to the outside world until their rediscovery in 1860 by the French explorer Henri Mahout.

It has been said the temples of Angkor represent the finest architectural artistry in human history. To comprehend their grandeur and magnificence requires imagination. Imagine the Great Egyptian Pyramids at Giza if every stone were carved with portrayals of fantastic myths and legends. To better grasp the sheer scale, both St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and St. Paul’s Cathedral in London would fit easily inside the perimeter walls of Angkor Wat.

The country of Cambodia itself remained a quiet, undisturbed backwater for much of the last century. Now emerging from years of isolation, the country offers a true taste of Southeast Asia before the arrival of mass tourism and rampant commercialisation.

Together with the other countries of Indochina, Cambodia has had its fill of tragedy. Yet its people are nothing if not pragmatic and forward looking. Cambodia today has much to offer the curious and adventurous traveler.

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Laos travel information

Laos: Land of a million elephants


The Lao People's Democratic Republic, or Lao PDR, is a country that moves to its own measure of time. Life flows along at a languid pace which mirrors the waters of the Mekong River that flows through the country. Towns are less hectic than elsewhere in Asia and the countryside is a rare combination of beauty and tranquillity.

Compared to the rest of Indochina, Laos remained largely hidden to the rest of the world for much for the 20th Century. Visitors today encounter an unfussed society with a strong spiritual tradition where the cacophonies of the modern world seem irrelevant.

Despite increased international interest, Laos remains the undiscovered gem of Asia. This landlocked nation of six million people exudes a delightful, almost other-worldly, charm and reminds visitors of a simpler, less harried past.

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